Bubbler Foundation

Enriching Education and Community Life

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The Foundation is designed to enhance and supplement the Educational, Cultural, Athletic, Health & Wellness, and Environmental experiences for our children and residents in South Middleton.

The Bubbler Foundation is registered with appropriate state and federal agencies. It enjoys an IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit organization status, so that contributors may take advantage of their charitable contributions as a tax deduction.

A goal of $500,000 was established to be placed in an Endowment Fund with interest earned used to support needed programs in the township and schools not covered by tax monies. The Foundation is a freestanding organization with a separate Board of Directors from a cross-section of the community. The Board will work in collaboration with the School District and the Township to provide opportunities for children and residents to excel in the five major areas of their Mission Statement.

Also, the Foundation is approved under the State 'Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program' (Venture Grants) which allows tax credits to businesses that make contributions to educational program that have been approved by the Department of Community and Economic Development. Teachers in the South Middleton School District can make specific requests for projects not covered by tax dollars. These requests are reviewed by School Adminisitrators and if felt to be worthy, are then given to the Foundation to submit to the State for their approval. Only projects approved by the State are eligible to be funded. To date, $27,000 in funds for these projects has been secured from area businesses. This is in addition to the Endowment Fund segment.