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Enriching Education and Community Life

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The $500,000 Capital Campaign

Why do the top 100 school districts in the United States have Foundations?

Because our educational and community needs are increasing. Yet, we're often faced with limited tax revenues that cannot fully support needed projects.

The solution is a Foundation. Historically foundations have been visionaries in raising funds and identifying worthy projects. In that tradition, the Bubbler Foundation strives to enhance and enrich current programs and services in South Middleton. To accomplish this, the Bubbler Foundation has embarked upon a $750,000 Capital Campaign.

Your Help is Needed! After input from community leaders, the H. Robert Davis Bubbler Athletic Foundation was expanded and renamed the Bubbler Foundation. The Advisory Committee enthusiastically concluded that the community could greatly benefit from programs and projects targeting five core areas. The Foundation's plan is to introduce and support programs, services and activities that are not currently being funded through tax dollars of the School District or the Township. It's envisioned that the Foundation's efforts will supplement--- not replace---current School District and Township financial responsibilities.