Bubbler Foundation

Enriching Education and Community Life

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The Gift that Lives Forever

Contributions to the Bubbler Foundation are used to fund an endowment. The endowment will be invested and program s will be budgeted based on the investment income. In this way, the foundation will live to benefit many future generations. All gifts to the Bubbler Foundation are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Gift Categories may be:

* Personal Gifts
* Gifts in Kind
* Corporate Matching Gifts
* Corporate Gifts
* Alumni Class Challenge
* Planned Giving

If you are planning a gift of: bequest, charitable trust, life insurance, appreciated stock or property, please contact the Foundation and arrangements will be made.

Levels of Giving

$50,000-100,000 Bubbler Visionaries

$25,000-49,000 Bubbler Founders

$10,000-24,999 Bubbler Pacesetters

$ 3,000-9,999 Bubbler Benefactors

$ 1,000-2,999 Bubbler Builders

$ 500-999 Bubbler Supporters

$ 1-499 Bubbler Friends